I am a Ph.D. candidate with ABD status at the Department of Government at Georgetown University. I specialize in international relations and security studies with a regional focus on East Asia and American foreign policy in the region. My areas of interest include reputation for resolve in IR, deterrence and coercion, and political psychology.

My doctoral dissertation explains why states choose to back down during crises despite the risk of undermining their reputation for resolve. Conventional wisdom posits that states and leaders believe it necessary to demonstrate resolve through the use of force to enhance their ability to deter adversaries. In contrast, I argue that under certain conditions, leaders may conclude that a strong reputation is harmful to their national interests and subsequently choose to moderate their reputation for resolve.

I received my Undergraduate and Master’s degree from Korea University in Seoul. I have also worked as Researcher at the Ilmin International Relations Institute (IIRI) and was the 2011 James A. Kelly Resident Korea Fellow at Pacific Forum.